Anton Scaffolding’s Unique Challenge at Mountsorrel Quarry

Anton Scaffolding's recent project at Mountsorrel Quarry showcases our prowess in overcoming unique challenges, emphasising collaboration and efficient execution for client satisfaction.
Watch a short drone video of the job.

At Anton Scaffolding, embracing challenges fuels our innovation, exemplified in our recent triumph at Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry for Wrights Engineering. Erecting a 20-meter independent scaffolding with six cladding lifts, this project showcased our problem-solving prowess.

Navigating Complexity: Tackling the Unique Constraints

From the start, complexity unfolded with the first lift at 12 meters, securely tied with steel clamps. However, a distinct challenge emerged—keeping all lifts untied for metal cladding installation. Further, tight spaces near conveyors and plant machinery ruled out buttresses.

Innovative Collaboration: Crafting a Design Solution with Creator

Undeterred, our team collaborated with Creator, our design consultant, crafting a design meeting safety standards while allowing untied lifts at cladding height. This ingenious solution overcame spatial constraints, ensuring successful project execution.

Efficiency Unleashed: Seamless Scaffolding Installation in 5 Days

The team’s dedicated efforts shone as they installed the scaffolding in a remarkable five days. This swift, coordinated execution highlighted Anton Scaffolding’s adaptability and unwavering commitment to safety standards.

Reflecting Excellence: Pushing Boundaries, Exceeding Expectations

The project’s success not only showcases our technical prowess but emphasizes the value of collaboration, especially with trusted partners like Creator. Anton Scaffolding takes pride in delivering solutions that surpass client expectations.

Looking Ahead: Gratitude to Wrights Engineering and Future Success

Our commitment to advancing scaffolding solutions remains steadfast. We extend gratitude to Wrights Engineering for entrusting us with this challenging project, anticipating continued success in overcoming obstacles and providing unparalleled service to our clients.

This project continues our previous work at Mountsorrel Quarry, which you can read about here.

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