Scaffolding Project at Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry, Loughborough

Anton Scaffolding skillfully navigated unique challenges to erect a 24m scaffold at Tarmac's Mountsorrel Quarry, facilitating a crucial bridge installation.

For Anton Scaffolding, no project is too complex. Our recent assignment at Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry, located near Loughborough, proved to be a testament to our technical prowess and innovative approach to problem-solving. Tasked with erecting a scaffold approximately 24 metres (79ft) in height, our aim was to facilitate the installation of a new bridge designed to provide access to the crusher.

This project presented several unique challenges that tested our team’s expertise and adaptability. A significant hurdle was the inability to tie-in to the natural rock face due to its integrity. To overcome this, our team ingeniously built the scaffolding within the limited footprint available, then bridged it over to the top of the rock face. A hanging scaffold was then installed at the rock edge, deftly managing the restrictions and successfully adhering to safety measures.

The seamless coordination and adaptability shown by our team in the face of these challenges enabled the successful completion of the project. This venture at Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry serves as an embodiment of Anton Scaffolding’s commitment to overcoming obstacles, ensuring safety, and providing reliable and efficient scaffolding solutions. Our team’s skilled approach to this project truly reflects our dedication to meeting our clients’ needs, no matter how complex the task.

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