Welcome to Anton Scaffolding, your trusted partner for comprehensive scaffolding solutions. With a wealth of experience across diverse sectors, including new-build, industrial, commercial, and heritage scaffolding, we are well-equipped to cater to your unique needs.

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Midlands-Based Experienced Scaffolders

Our dedicated team, boasting years of experience on large projects with notable clients such as Tarmac, Shell, Valero, and Bellway Homes, provides a blend of reliability, professionalism, and top-quality service.

Our commitment to safety is at the forefront of our operations. Anton Scaffolding ensures all staff are site-trained, fully compliant, and that risk assessments are completed and adhered to. Our meticulous approach ensures a secure working environment for everyone involved, allowing your project to progress smoothly and efficiently.

We hold and maintain several Industry Accreditations, ensuring that all our staff are well trained and operate to the safest standards.

Our Projects

Find out about some of our work, featuring Commercial, Industrial, Heritage and New-Build scaffolding, as well as other projects including temporary roofing and weather protection.

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