Church Tower Scaffold | St John The Baptist Church, Wolvey.

Anton Scaffolding swiftly and safely provided full-height tower access at St John the Baptist Church, Wolvey, enabling vital restoration work by AMS Stone Masons.
Watch a short drone video of the job.

When AMS Stone Masons were in need of reliable and safe scaffolding to undertake vital work on the tower of St John the Baptist Church in Wolvey, near Hinckley, they turned to Anton Scaffolding for a solution. Tasked with the challenging job of providing safe access to the full height of the church tower, our team demonstrated their expertise and efficiency in the successful completion of the project.

Safety was paramount in this job, as with all Anton Scaffolding projects. The team made meticulous preparations to ensure the work could be carried out without any risk to the workers, the church, or the public. Despite the complexity of the project, the scaffold was successfully and safely erected in just three days. This swift completion was a testament to our team’s skill and professionalism, and it ensured that the stone masons could begin their important work without delay.

We were particularly proud of this project. Not only because of the technical challenges it presented and the way our team overcame them, but also due to its significant historical and cultural setting. To celebrate the completion of the scaffolding, we commissioned drone footage to capture a unique aerial perspective of our work. The resulting images showcased the impressive structure we had created, standing tall against the backdrop of the beautiful, centuries-old church. This project at St John the Baptist Church is a shining example of how Anton Scaffolding can deliver safe, reliable and efficient scaffolding solutions, even in the most challenging and sensitive of environments.

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